We are protecting the Amazon Rainforest

One Acre at a time.



Sitaramaya Sita

Sita’s commitment to deep ecology has led to the development of "Fundo Sitaramaya," a preservation project in Peru of privately held Amazonian land and to protect old growth trees, waterways and rainforest flora and fauna.


Karina Nascimento

As a Native Brazilian, Karina feels a deep connection to the Amazon forest and wants to honor her ancestors by protecting their sacred land.


Karina is a social media and digital marketing expert, and enjoys helping transform lives as a heartfulness coach and sustainability activist. 


Emilie Lescale

Emilie Lescale is a coordinator and facilitator at a Peruvian healing center. When she is not barefoot in the middle of the jungle, she travels to discover and study ancestral healing and medicine all around the world.

Emilie grew up in the countryside in the south of France surrounded by rivers, forests and plants, where she spent a childhood in an environment of freedom, nature and simplicity. She studied photography in Paris, using her camera to discover the world and understand how it works. Her life changed dramatically when she discovered the magical world of plants on a trip to Peru. She quit her job and stayed in Peru. She lived with a Shipibo family in a small community on the Ucayali river.

Emily is happy to live, serve and fly in the beautiful and magical space of mother earth, and brings and intimate knowing of the Peruvian jungle to the One Acre Project.