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We are protecting the Amazon Rainforest

One Acre at a time.



Sitaramaya Sita

Sita’s commitment to deep ecology has led to the development of "Fundo Sitaramaya," a preservation project in Peru of privately held Amazonian land and to protect old growth trees, waterways and rainforest flora and fauna.


Gloria Mahajan

Gloria has a loving connection with nature.  She brings this love into her administrative and fundraising roles by engaging directly with communities to raise awareness. 


As a mother, it is her mission to protect our precious ecosystems and educate others on how to take small meaningful actions.  She believes that we can leave the world a more beautiful place for our children and generations to come. 


Humberto A. Ruiz

Humberto, aka "Beto," is our Administration head in Peru.  He takes care of all legal and government services and actions to help the One Acre project obtain official conservation status.  Beto also has a vision of making the land accessible to researchers and biologists to study the unique biodiversity of the Fundo and surrounding sand forest. 

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