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We are protecting the Amazon Rainforest

One Acre at a time.



Sitaramaya Sita

Sita’s commitment to deep ecology has led to the development of "Fundo Sitaramaya," a preservation project in Peru of privately held Amazonian land and to protect old growth trees, waterways and rainforest flora and fauna.


Gloria Mahajan

Gloria is deeply connected to the Earth and has inherited and preserved this special connection from her ancestors who span across Central and South America.  As our Campaign Coordinator, she brings this love and connection to the community to spread awareness. 


As a mother, it is her mission to protect our precious ecosystems and educate people on how to take action.  She believes that we can leave the world a more beautiful place for our children and generations to come. 


Karina Nascimento

As a Native Brazilian, Karina feels a deep connection to the Amazon forest and wants to honor her ancestors by protecting their sacred land.


Karina is a social media and digital marketing expert, and enjoys helping transform lives as a heartfulness coach and sustainability activist. 

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